Dove's Super Bowl Ad About Dads Will Have You Fighting The Tears, And It's Already Gone Viral

mrctvstaff | January 25, 2015
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TV ads have become almost as big of an attraction during the Super Bowl as the football game itself.  This year, Dove has already released their Super Bowl ad, and boy is it a tear-jerker... 

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Dove, a TODAY sponsor, has joined the pre-Super Bowl ad rush with its new campaign centered around how men showing that they care for their children makes them stronger.

The ad has a series of clips of different kids at different ages shouting and saying variations on "Daddy!" and "Dad" as they leap into their father's arms, get snuggles, get pushed on swings, and celebrate important life moments. The dads kiss, hug, toss, hold and smile. 

"What makes a man stronger? Showing that he cares," reads the ad's on-screen text. "Care makes a man stronger."