Drag Queen RuPaul Claims 'We Are All God in Drag'

Brittany M. Hughes | September 16, 2019
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Speaking backstage Saturday night after winning an Emmy award for his reality TV show, drag queen RuPaul, the inspiration behind many a child cross-dresser, claimed that “We are all God in drag.”



In yet another attempt to normalize the “art” of dressing up as a woman by smearing on 17 pounds of eyeliner and wearing sky-high leopard-print heels, the host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” claimed we’re actually all dressing in drag all the time (yes, even you, blue-collar dude with your hard hat in a construction zone) and that this makes us “all God.”

“The deeper level of drag is all about, you’re born naked and the rest is drag. And that’s political, it’s very punk rock, it’s very radical. It’s this idea that you are not your body. You are an extension of the power that created the whole universe. That’s drag. We are all God in drag.”

“And that is a radical thought for most people to envelope, because the ego says, ‘No. I am whatever it says on my driver’s license,” he added.

RuPaul then told all the reporters in the room that they are, in fact, all “drag queens.”

“Everyone in this room is in drag. Hey, look at all you drag queens! Hi drag queens!” he went on.