Drag Queens Dressed As Satanic Nuns Crash Kirk Cameron's Book Reading For Kids

Brittany M. Hughes | March 19, 2023
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Want to inspire small children and encourage them to your point of view? Just paint yourself up like a zombie and throw on a gothic habit and you won't even need to bring candy. Or, at least, that was the method a bunch of attention-seeking groomers tried last week when they dressed up as satanic nuns and crashed Kirk Cameron’s book reading at a local library Friday, visually assaulting audience members and likely scaring the crap out of the small children in the room.

Why? Well because Cameron here has written a wholesome children’s book that teaches kids about the Biblical Fruits of the Spirit - things like love, and patience, and kindness - and that offends men who like to dress up as demon-women and flash their nether-bits at unwitting toddlers.

So, with nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon than accost families just trying to escape the toxic progressive garbage that seems to pervade every corner of society, this group of drag queen activists - called the Hillbilly Harlots, I kid you not - dressed in black and white arrived Friday at the Fayetteville Public Library in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where they blocked the view of the 500 or so parents and kids there to hear Cameron read his uplifting book.

Here was one such idiot:


Someone call Spirit Halloween - they're missing a cheap prop.

One of the crossdressing men, who goes by - again, not making this up - "Sister Annie Philaxis,” told 5News, “We wanted to be a light for the children that are here and might feel ostracizing in their own family.”

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Someone ought to let this moron know that small children are usually scared of evil clowns, not inspired by them.

Cameron took it all in stride, telling Fox News he felt “sad” for the motley crew, which he called “a small group of protesters, which included some grown men wearing silly makeup, dressed in skirts and heels, pretending to be women.”

“I felt sad for the men in skirts,” he said. “As it is written, ‘You have taught the little children to praise you perfectly. May their example shame and silence your enemies.’”

A wise sentiment - if these fools had any sense of shame.