Dystopia: Bernie Sanders Looks Forward To RUNNING THE SENATE BUDGET COMMITTEE

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 22, 2020
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Want to have some fun?

Imagine writing a dystopian novel, a story set in the future or an alternate reality where things are ugly, deadly, and destructive of rights.

Now, imagine it’s real, and it’s a few months away.

Because that’s what Bernie Sanders recently suggested during a live group-chat with numerous “reporters” and left-adherent writer John Nichols in conjunction with what The Nation called “NationFestival.”



When presented with the possibility that he, a hero of the underclass who owns three homes and has received a fat paycheck off the taxpayers for decades, could be picked by future Emperor Kamala Biden to be (grab the nausea pills) the Secretary of Labor (and where’s that in the Constitution?), he opined on the possibility of something more… powerful.

He noted that if the Democrats win the two disputed Senate races in Georgia, that would mean that Sanders, the avowed “democratic socialist” (i.e. SOCIALIST), would, as he said, be in line to “be Chairman of the Budget Committee.”

You got that right. Dystopia.

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Oh, and he would also become the Chairman on the Subcommittee on Health.

Because, as we all know, the U.S. Constitution which he swore an oath to protect and defend, includes in its short list of enumerated powers the magic ability to redistribute money from some to others for “health care” and includes telling hospitals and health insurance companies how to run their businesses. Oh, and then there’s the little factor of the U.S. government claiming in its wonderful 1996 HIPAA law that it can collect your medical data at any time, without a warrant.

Surely, Bernie should run a subcommittee that’s helped pile all that on us already. He will undoubtedly deconstruct the torture device so we can live free.

Said Mr. Sanders:

So, uh, yeah! Uh… there’s a lot that we could do in the Senate. There’s a lot that one could do, also, as Secretary of Labor. So we’ll see how things unfold.

"Unravel" might be a more apropos term.

And on the subject of terms, it’s educational for the long term to look at his statement and see the key phrase, “there’s a lot that we could do…”

Because, actually, if one reads the very limited list of so-called “enumerated powers” claimed by the feds in the U.S. Constitution, there really is not a lot that he or anyone in the federal government could do, or is supposed to do, without completely breaking his or her oath to abide by that rule book.

Bernie might not care, or he might claim that the so-called “General Welfare” clause of the Constitution, or the “Necessary and Proper” clause give him and his wealthy pals the power to pass anything they claim promotes the “general welfare”, but the Founders specifically noted that they were including only the enumerated powers to promote the general welfare, and that Congress was only allowed to pass legislation that was necessary and proper to handle its enumerated responsibilities. As David Crockett noted in his famous 1830s “Not Yours To Give” speech, he learned early in his Congressional years that the feds had no enumerated power to give money to people to “help” them battle natural strife or the troubles of life, not to build roads, or pay for food, or drugs, or retirement, or college tuition, or on and on, as one can continue to list federal “programs” that Bernie and others have created for decades.

Besides that, if one logically looks at the term “general welfare,” one sees that welfare is subjective, and can only be measured by each individual. Therefore, the general welfare cannot be objectively defined by a state, but, rather, must be left up to the individuals to decide for themselves and expressed through their choices in the market. In fact, by threatening to make anyone a target of government taxation or regulation, the feds undercut the welfare of all, putting everyone at risk of being a victim. How does living under the threat of being victimized help your welfare or anyone else’s?

And this all comes from the guy who, on his magic “Bernie” website promotes not only insultingly unconstitutional ideas in a manner that reflects his absolute hypocrisy when it comes to his sworn oath, but also programs that would be so destructive as to push the US society and economy closer to that of the Soviet Union he used to love so much.

These include his devotion to the so-called “Green New Deal,” which not only refers to FDR’s “New Deal” – something that prolonged the Great Depression and made it worse – but promotes the delusional idea that the feds should dig the debt pit by another $93 TRILLION to, as Bernie says, “ Transform our energy system to 100 percent renewable energy and create 20 million jobs needed to solve the climate crisis.”

Because, since it’s such a good idea, it has to be forced on people.

And then there’s his idea to have the feds provide so-called “Medicare to All.”

Create a Medicare for All, single-payer, national health insurance program to provide everyone in America with comprehensive health care coverage, free at the point of service… No networks, no premiums, no deductibles, no copays, no surprise bills.

Yeah, because single-payer is not only right there in the U.S. Constitution, and it’s not just really moral to take cash from some to hand it to others, government payments inspire higher use by the recipients, driving up costs, which inspires the government to put caps on payments to doctors, which, in turn, inspires doctors to restrict their services and cut back on quality. Stories of the UK National Health Service and its abysmal single-payer system are so numerous one could spend days reading separate accounts, and the problems of the Canadian system were so apparent that, when I lived there in 1996, the British Columbia government was going to try to control costs by telling doctors how many people they could see per day, and how long the visits would be. Oh, and the BC government was going to chose which maladies would take precedent for visits.

But what can one expect from Bernie Sanders?

This is a man who has openly praised Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro, who, in 1988, vacationed in the USSR, and, on camera, sat beneath a portrait of Vladimir Lenin (a man responsible for thousands of executions), sang soviet songs and Pete Seeger drivel, and praised the murderous Soviet communist system – mere months before that system would crash and the Berlin Wall (built by the Soviets to prevent Germans from escaping their wonderful collectivism) crashed as well, and who has praised Venezuelan communist/collectivist Hugo Chavez, whose policies of seizing farms, auto plants, oil fields, and accumulating power in central planners’ hands saw his disciple, Nicolas Maduro continue the dumb, evil policies and… create mass starvation such that people have been reduced to eating stray pets in Caracas.

But, hey, why worry? The possible future under a Budget Committee Chairman Sanders has gotta be bright! It’ll be just like a story from a kids’ book!

Like… “The Hunger Games.”

(Cover Photo: Phil Roeder)