Economic Sanctions On Chelsea F.C. Eased

John Simmons | March 24, 2022
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The U.K. government has relaxed many of the sanctions it placed two weeks ago on Chelsea F.C., allowing the club much more financial freedom for the foreseeable future. 

The Blues will now be able to sell tickets (something they were not allowed to do when the sanctions were first applied), although there are some caveats and limitations for how this will happen. Chelsea can sell tickets to all matches, but any proceeds earned from ticket sales will be given to the Premier League. In a show of good faith, Chelsea also requested that the profits earned from the games be donated to charities that will help the victims of the Ukraine War.

Furthermore, Chelsea has been given a £30 million fund from its parent company, Fordstam Ltd, to operate the club. Forsdstam is owned by former Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. All of the sanctions will be lifted once a new owner is found, and several suitors have emerged to the forefront of the race to buy the world-famous club.

Chelsea’s next match is a home Premier League tilt against Brentford on April 2. Thousands of supporters will likely show to support now that the sanctions have been eased.