Elementary Teacher Tells Students the Mask Mandate Is Ending - and Their Reaction Is Priceless

Brittany M. Hughes | February 11, 2022
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In case anyone is still wondering where the kids stand on mandatory masking in schools, one Las Vegas teacher has put that question permanently to bed.

In a sweet and yet heart-wrenching video from a Las Vegas elementary school that’s now going viral on social media, the teacher tells her class of young students that “starting tomorrow, we don’t have to wear masks anymore!”

And their reaction is absolutely priceless.

After two years of forced masking in many areas, school districts across the country are beginning to drop mask rules as even Democrat-led states roll back their mandates on masks in indoor settings, including schools. The move comes as school districts that are holding on to mask requirements are facing increasing pressure from parents and politicians to reverse the policy and make mask-wearing optional rather than required.

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Cloth masks – which many studies have shown don’t effectively protect against the omicron variant – are still optional for parents who want their kids to wear one.

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