Elitist DNC Border Fence Stormed by Have-Nots With Bolt Cutters

Elliot Polsky | July 28, 2016
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USAToday Digital Editor Natalie DiBlasio filmed “hundreds—possibly a thousand” protesters lining the hurricane fencing separating the masses from the invitees inside the Democratic National Convention (DNC) nominating Hillary Clinton as its party's presidential candidate.

Most protesters were Bernie-or-bust voters carrying large cut-outs of their socialist icon's head and hands or now-obsolete campaign posters. Anarchists and communists also supplemented the crowd.

DiBlasio noted that the protesters were gathering at the one section of the DNC fencing that didn’t have two rows of fences. The single barrier was bolstered by three rows of police, none of whom appeared to be wearing riot gear, according to DiBlasio.

As DiBlasio panned the crowd, one lady informed another, “Don’t be afraid of protesters. Be afraid of the cops.”

A little while later, tensions boiled over as about a dozen anarchists stormed the DNC border fence and had an altercation with police on the other end, according to abc7.

This event was caught on camera by socialist, online news source, Unicorn Riot, which said the attackers wielded bolt cutters against the oppressive DNC fence.



 Before erecting a metal barrier between the Haves and Have-Nots at the DNC, perhaps the DNC should have taken note of its own "open minded" immigration policy.

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