Elon Musk: 'I Will be Actively Lobbying to Criminalize Making Severe, Irreversible Changes to Children Below the Age of Consent'

Nick Kangadis | June 2, 2023
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You know, whatever ideological lane you think billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk resides in, it doesn’t matter when he makes a definitive statement on such a controversial, yet obvious issue.

Musk was involved in a Twitter conversation about the transitioning of children, whether it be through medicinal means or surgical means. The argument also stemmed on the contentious point of whether allowing children to go through these artificial changes results in an increase or decrease in suicide, which currently encompasses a high percentage among the trans community.

However, Musk nailed his final point with a declaration that will be very interesting if brought before any kind of congressional committee.

“I will be actively lobbying to criminalize making severe, irreversible changes to children below the age of consent,” Musk, who’s a father himself, tweeted. “Shame on those who advocate this! It is utterly contemptible.”

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100,000 percent, Amen!

This is an issue that should be so abundantly clear to anyone who isn’t a pervert, groomer or whatever other category one could lump proponents of drugging or mutilating children might be included in, that it makes one wonder what skeletons are in the closet of those that don’t see how easy of a subject this is to discuss.

Like Musk said, ‘Shame on those who advocate this.’


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