Elon Musk WRECKS Reporter Who Whines About a Rise In 'Hate Speech' on Twitter

Brittany M. Hughes | April 12, 2023
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Twitter CEO Elon Musk absolutely wrecked a reporter who pushed him about the alleged rise in “hate speech” on the social media platform following Musk’s takeover in 2022.

“We've spoken to people very recently who were involved in moderation and they just say there's not enough people to police this stuff, particularly around hate speech in the company. Is that something that you want to address?” began US tech reporter James Clayton, repeating the thus far unproven claim from the left that there's been an explosion in overtly racist and bigoted speech on Twitter since Musk officially acquired the site last fall.

“What hate speech are you talking about?” Musk responded. “I mean, you use Twitter. Do you see a rise in hate speech? Just a personal anecdote? I don’t."

“Personally, for you, I would say I get more of that kind of content, yeah, personally. But I'm not going to talk for the rest of Twitter,” Clayton answered.

“You see more hate speech personally? Content you don’t like, or hateful? Describe hateful," Musk pressed.

Clayton responded, “Well, yeah, you know, content that would solicit a reaction, something that is slightly racist, slightly sexist."

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“So you think that if something that is ‘slightly sexist,’ it should be banned?” Musk then asked the stumbling reporter. “I’m asking for specific examples...Can you name one example?” 

If you can transcribe the response from Clayton that followed, be my guest. Because it just sounds like a big jumble of stuttering panic, to me.

It appears that, like so many of progressivers' claims, the allegation that Twitter has become a cesspool filled with violent racists and hateful women-haters since a proponent of free speech took it over is nothing more than empty words and temper tantrums.

Unless, of course, you're counting all the violent racists and hateful women-haters on the left - Lord knows Twitter's got plenty of them.