EMAIL: DNC Chair Admitted Obama Job Creation Claims Were Deceptive

Zach Montanaro | October 21, 2016
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Donna Brazile, the current interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, has been a public cheerleader for President Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to replace him. In private, though, new emails are showing a different story.

Based on emails released by WikiLeaks, Brazile sent an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta earlier this year saying that she felt people were “in despair” about the current economy. Brazile points out that while new jobs may have been added, they are “low wage” jobs.

She also points out that housing (in all caps) is another big issue, with “most people [paying] half of what they make to rent.”

This email was sent one month after Brazile sent out a tweet applauding the economy under the Obama administration. In the tweet, she praised how a “record” 14 million jobs had been added over 70 straight months.

So Brazile is fine with praising the Obama economy in public, even while privately acknowleging that those numbers are deceptive and that things aren’t as hunky-dory as even she tries to claim they are.

This isn’t the only time newly leaked emails have shed some light on Brazile. An earlier batch of email leaks have seemingly shown Brazile providing the Clinton campaign with a question that would be asked ahead of a CNN debate. The provided question was asked almost verbatim the next day during the debate. When grilled by Fox News' Megyn Kelly over where she got the question, Brazile awkwardly dodged the question by claiming, of all things, Christian persecution.

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