eRaced: Guy Wins Prestigious Women’s Cycling Event

Matt Philbin | November 15, 2022
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Well how’s this for timing: just two days before eight “transgender women athletes” filed an amici brief against an Indiana law protecting women-only sports, a dude goes and wins an elite women’s cycling competition in Massachusetts. 

According to National Review, “Austin Killips, a transgender-identifying man, displaced 43 women in the UCI Elite Women Race competition on the first day of the Northampton International Cyclocross.” Isn’t that special? He also got to stand on the winners podium above the two actual women who came in second and third. 

Killips isn’t just a very confused man with a passion for making women eat his dust. He’s an activist. National Review reports that “Killips has an online blog called Estro Junkie, which he calls ‘a newsletter about the intersection of sports and queer theory.’” Charming.

Meanwhile, eight other guys who enjoy beating up on girls were readying their brief concerning a state law that decrees kids in Indiana schools compete only on teams that correspond to their actual sex. It’s been challenged and is currently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

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Law & Crime reports that “The plaintiff is a 10-year-old student identified only as A.M. She plays on her school’s all-girls softball team. Under the current Indiana law, she would not be able to rejoin her teammates.”

Which is very sad. But not quite as sad as A.M.’s parents prioritizing legal activism over their 10 year-old son the psychological and emotional help obviously needs. Or as sad as men using the case of a confused little boy to self-justify their own attempts to wreck women’s sports.

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