Eric Adams Sues NY Towns For Refusing To Take In His Migrant Overflow

Brittany M. Hughes | June 8, 2023
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Mayor Eric Adams is such a welcomer of illegal aliens, such a champion of poor and downtrodden migrants, he’s suing neighboring counties and towns that don’t take the off-cast asylum-seekers he’s trying to offload.

Per a lawsuit filed in court Wednesday, Adam’s New York City is suing some 33 locales across New York in an effort to overturn the towns’ emergency orders blocking - or, at least, attempting to - Adams from dumping dozens or even hundreds of recent border crossers into their backyards.

The move comes after multiple towns and counties first sued New York City and issued court-approved moratoriums on Adams bussing migrants into their communities without the express approval of local officials. Colonie Town Supervisor Peter Crummey, who overseas an Albany suburb of about 7,700 people, says Adams ignored their order and bussed at least two dozen migrants to a local hotel in his town on Memorial Day weekend under cover of night without giving local officials a heads up.

But Adams' office claims the towns don’t have the legal right to refuse to let him bus illegal aliens - many of whom have little to no documentation and whose criminal records and backgrounds haven't been vetted - to hotels that have agreed to take them in, especially since New York City has promised to foot the bill for the migrants’ stay for four months, often compensating hotels for rooms at above-market price to house border crossers.

“Respondents’ EOs burden and obstruct New York City’s lawful and reasonable efforts to address the ongoing statewide humanitarian crisis in a manner that is explicitly permitted by law and required by this statewide emergency,” the 37-page lawsuit reads.

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In.a statement accompanying the suit, Adams blasted towns that decline to take migrants, accusing them of "xenophobic bigotry" and blaming them for refusing to assist in a “humanitarian crisis" - without, of course, addressing the fact that these small suburbs are under no obligation 

“This lawsuit aims to put an end to this xenophobic bigotry and ensure our state acts as one as we work together to manage this humanitarian crisis fairly and humanely, as we have done from the beginning and as we will continue to do,” Adams said.

According to the city’s estimate, roughly 72,000 illegal aliens have passed through the Big Apple since last spring, many of them sent by Republican governors in border states tired of dealing with - and paying for - Biden’s border crisis on their own. To deal with the influx now straining city resources and maxing out NYC’s homeless shelters, Adams said he’s asking churches to begin housing migrants, and has a “vision” for financially struggling New Yorkers to begin opening their private homes and residences to illegal aliens in return for a government check.

It’s not yet clear whether Adams plans to open his governor’s mansion to homeless border crossers, or if he’ll hand over his privately-owned, rat-infested Brooklyn brownstone to migrants anytime soon.

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