Fauxcahontas Hatchet Job On Reagan: He Uttered ‘One Of The Worst Sentences’ Ever

Eric Scheiner | October 25, 2023
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) praised Joe Biden’s big government efforts over the limited government perspective held by Ronald Reagan during the Center For American Progress conference on Wednesday.

“I think one of the worst sentences uttered over the last many decades is the famous one from Ronald Reagan. ‘What are the nine worst words in the English language? I'm from the government and I'm here to help you’. Actually, we do need a government that thinks that part of its job is to help,” the former self-proclaimed Cherokee said.

According to Warren, bloating government so it controls the aspects of manufacturing, commerce and finance (pro tip: that’s called fascism) is the way to go. Warren mentioned health care and student loan forgiveness as some of the areas she would like to see a larger government get more involved.

“And so I want to give real props to the Biden administration, to Joe Biden, to Kamala Harris, to be out there slugging in that fight for the last two and a half years, to use the tools of government through all the agencies to say, we're going to pursue antitrust law, we're going to break up some of those giants. We're going to make this market more competitive, to try to cancel student loan debt, to try to do things that create opportunity right down at the personal level so that everybody's got a chance to get in the game. Everybody's got a chance to prosper. We're a long way off from that nirvana, but I sure as heck would rather line up behind a president and vice president who are at least headed in that direction, instead of one that's headed in a different direction,” Warren whooped.

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Ah yes, Warren’s big government “nirvana.” A place where Joe Biden gets “real props” and Reagan’s desire for a smaller, streamlined government where an individual or organization is empowered to engage  in the marketplace is - “the worst.”

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