Ho-Ho-NO! Leftist Group Kills Maskless Santa With COVID In New Video

Eric Scheiner | December 18, 2023
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What better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas then to watch an animated video where COVID kills off Santa?

In an attempt to get people to wear masks and get more and more vaccines, the John Snow Project released a video that does just that. You might think the video was made a couple of years ago when COVID alarmists ran rampant through the streets screaming at people to wear masks and close their businesses, but you would be wrong. The video “A Very Covidy Christmas” just released LAST WEEK.


I laughed so hard the first time I saw the video (I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a parody), I brought some co-workers in to record their reactions upon seeing the animation for the first time. You can catch their reaction in the video above.

According to their website, The John Snow Project is a real group urging governments to get more involved in pushing a “vaccines-plus strategy” so that Santa doesn’t die.

“We can take action to protect ourselves and those we love. Vaccines PLUS ventilation, filtration and using high quality masks can reduce the risk of infection,” the projects website states.

“Certain political figures might like to pretend COVID-19 no longer poses a risk to public health, but the medical and scientific community and official government organizations such as the WHO, CDC, NHS, UKHSA, EPA and many others are united by a single consensus view,”  the Snow job…er Snow Project states.

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Yeah, who wouldn’t want to be in lockstep with both Fauci and the heavily Chinese-funded WHO?

It would seem even Santa resisted them - and just look they did to him.

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