Oh Baby!  - Biden’s ‘Reproductive Freedom’ Rally Never Mentioned Babies

Eric Scheiner | January 24, 2024
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Joe Biden held what was billed as a rally for “reproductive freedom” in Manassas, VA Tuesday,  but one might rightly wonder what might be reproduced – as Joe never uttered the word “baby.”

Biden didn’t even use the word “human.”

The frail-looking octogenarian criticized “21 states where abortion bans are in effect” but couldn’t really say what it was that he wants aborted so badly. It certainly couldn’t be a “human” or a “baby,” as they weren’t mentioned. Or maybe, Biden was just avoiding the truth.

The transcription MRCTV received of Biden’s speech reveals the closest Joe ever got to explaining what needs to die was a “fetus,”  which he only mentioned twice. Biden was never clear if it was a human, pig, or any other type of fetus - but he was pretty sure that women shouldn't carry them. Biden claimed women shouldn’t “have to carry a fetus.”

Despite the “men can have pregnancies” position of his major campaign endorser, Planned Parenthood, Biden didn’t suggest that men “carry a fetus” either.

Of course, the words “human” or “baby” can’t be found in the abortion mill’s endorsement of Biden. Both Planned Parenthood and Biden seem to feel these words are simply... better off dead.

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