Trying Our Breast! Presenting The Joe Biden Collectors Plate Series

Eric Scheiner | September 21, 2023
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Prized for their heirloom value, collector plates have always been prized collectibles, able to bring important moments to life – and who wouldn’t want to reflect upon all those memorable moments given to us by Joe Biden?

Reflect upon the time Joe called upon Americans to try their breast!

Recall his self-described “extraordinary” withdrawal from Afghanistan!

Relax and ponder the many global summits and meetings where Joe fell asleep!

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With Joe’s inflation, you probably can’t afford any food to put on these plates – so simply gaze down at their magnificence.

These fine crafted, quality plates are made in China, where so many great Biden business deals are struck. Available to you now through the Robert L. Peters Exchange.

Let’s go Brandon! Order your plates now!

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