Activists Protest Removal of Tampon Dispensers from Men’s Restrooms at Clemson University

Evan Poellinger | October 17, 2023
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Gender activists at Clemson State University protested the removal of tampon dispensers from the men’s restrooms at the school, which occurred after their installation was brought to light by the school’s chapter of College Republicans (CR).

The CRs initially brought the installation of the dispensers to light in a tweet on September 13. The Clemson CRs remarked that the presence of such dispensers in the men’s room was proof that “we truly live in a clown world.”

The New York Post reported that, having been called to account by the CRs, Clemson University made the decision to remove the tampon dispensers from the men’s restroom three days after the initial tweet. In response to the removal, a group called Take Back Pride held a protest last week to demand reinstallation of the dispensers, claiming that university’s decision was “making people feel unwelcomed” and that Clemson needs “to step up and needs to protect its students.”

Unfortunately for the protestors, it does not appear that Clemson is keen to reverse its original decision. According to the Daily Mail, Clemson spokesperson Joe Galbraith stated that “there are no plans to reinstall the dispensers in the male bathrooms.” Neither have the CRs backed down, affirming to WSPA that “Men are men. Women are women. Of course, men cannot menstruate.”


Further cementing the unlikely prospect of a policy reversal, South Carolina State Rep. April Cromer (R) brought additional attention to the presence of the dispensers. Cromer claimed that the president of Clemson “was just as shocked as I was that these dispensers were in the men’s restroom” and referred to the Graduate Student Government’s installation of the dispensers as “unauthorized.”

For once, it seems that a school is actually taking a stand against the madness of gender ideology and, in an additionally refreshing change of pace, is refusing to buckle even under pressure from its student body.