Jesse Watters: DEI Is a ‘Trojan Horse’ Used to Staff Academia With Liberals

Evan Poellinger | January 4, 2024
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Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters says diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies are a “Trojan Horse to hire more libs.”

On his Tuesday program, Watters spoke about Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation and its implications about DEI ideology more broadly. Watters talked about how Gay had successfully managed to cost Harvard “$1,000,000,000 in a single month” after “she said you’re allowed to yell ‘kill the Jews’ at Harvard.”

Watters described Gay’s presidency as an extension of the DEI racket, the cost of which institutions across America are finally beginning to heed. “America believes in diversity,” Watters noted, “but not at the expense of achievement and profitability.” As a matter of fact, Watters observed, the ostensible concern over DEI “has nothing to do with diversity at all”:

“They’re just using diversity as cover to discriminate against straight white males, so they can pack institutions with wild-eyed, DEI radicals who H.R. and everybody else isn’t allowed to challenge.”

For Watters, Gay’s firing signals a growing sentiment among America’s major institutions that “merit trumps identity.” Watters noted that even such companies as “Google, Facebook, Blackrock, they’re all slashing DEI jobs. Even Disney is saying their content creators are out of control.”

“The DEI experiment is starting to blow up the lab that it was built in,” Watters concluded.

Watters and others have discerned a common observation: corporations are often willing to swallow their pride and support radical DEI ideology, but are unwilling to bear the increasing financial cost that comes with it.