Planet Fitness Doubles Down on DEI With New CEO

Evan Poellinger | April 22, 2024

Planet Fitness has doubled down down on its support of left-wing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ideology by hiring a new CEO who is known as a proponent of DEI.

Colleen Keating, who has been CEO of FirstKey Homes for four years, will be assuming the CEO position at Planet Fitness on June 10. While CEO of FirstKey, Keating made a post on Linkedin, in which she described signing the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge, saying that she and the other signatories were “committed to making our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion, implement and expand unconscious bias education, share best practices (and lessons learned!), and create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans.”

Of course, Keating did not allow her DEI support to remain only a signature on paper. According to the New York Post, Keating also “required employees to undergo ‘unconscious bias training’ and supported ‘hiring through a DEI lens’ at her previous company.”

Keating also framed DEI as a long-term and ongoing process, concluding, “For our goal of furthering DEI to be successful and sustainable, we must acknowledge that it is, at its core, an evergreen work in progress, with ongoing conversations about unconscious bias, conscious inclusion, equity and belonging.” Now, it seems that Keating seeks to continue the process without restraint as CEO of Planet Fitness, as well.

Keating’s takeover may compound already present issues that the fitness company is experiencing. In February, Patricia Silva lost her membership at Planet Fitness after recording a man shaving his face in the women’s locker room at a Planet Fitness in Fairbanks, Alaska. And, on April 4, a man was arrested for indecent exposure at a Planet Fitness in North Carolina after entering the women’s locker room while claiming to identify as a woman.

These incidents and Planet Fitness’ toleration of transgenders entering women’s locker rooms has led to a boycott of the company. Shares of Planet Fitness have reportedly fallen by 1.7 percent, as a result.

Rather than reconsider its approach to diversity ideology, it seems that Planet Fitness would prefer to aggravate the company’s existing problems, with the choice of its new CEO.