Politicians, Trans Activists Mourn Crossdressing Mayor Who Wrote Fantasy About Murdering Woman, Stealing Her Identity

Evan Poellinger | November 8, 2023
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A number of prominent politicians and activists have engaged in an outpouring of grief after scandal-plagued Smiths Station Mayor F.L. “Bubba” Copeland took his own life on Friday, while police were pursuing him to conduct a welfare check.

The mayor and Baptist pastor was revealed by 1819 News to be a crossdresser who operated social media accounts in which Copeland posed as a transgender woman using the alias Brittini Blaire Summerlin. On his secret instagram profile, Copeland described his secret identity as “a transgender curvy girl that loves smiling, clothes and shoes!”

Shortly after Copeland’s suicide, a wide variety of left-wing activists and politicians expressed their condolences and blamed 1819 News for Copeland’s death. AL.com reported that former Alabama Senator Doug Jones stated that it was “sad and disgusting how he was treated by the 1819 News for personal decisions.” Lee County Democratic Party Chairperson Jamie Lowe declared Copeland “the backbone of Smiths Station” and added that “the practice of demonizing each other because of personal life choices must end.”

Jones and Lowe should probably have done additional due diligence before they chose to make a martyr out of Copeland. Copeland authored a number of erotic stories on Fictomania, including a story about a man who presents himself as a woman in order to succeed in the adult film industry. Graphic in its own right, this story pales in comparison to a tale written by Copeland in 2021. Entitled “Dangerous Obsession,” the story described obsessing over a local businesswoman and eventually stalking and murdering her on a cruise ship in order to steal her identity.

The woman named in the story is, in fact, a real individual living in Copeland’s community.

Copeland is also described as sharing images with “a theme of younger boys being transitioned into girls” and “which sometimes included photos of actual minors,” although these were allegedly not sexual in nature.

Despite Copeland’s concerning fantasies, it seems that various public figures have gone out of their way to eulogize him as a sort of martyr to the cause of sexual deviancy.