Virgin Atlantic Showcases DEI and Drag Queens as Planes Fall Apart

Evan Poellinger | January 24, 2024
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Virgin Atlantic has released ads featuring a flight crewed by drag queens and a resounding affirmation of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) ideology.

Libs of TikTok revealed that a pair of ads from the airline company, the first of which showcases a flight crew walking to their plane, to the gawking stares of passersby. The flight crew is eventually revealed to consist of all-drag queen flight attendants, as the captain invites potential fliers to “come get fabulous at 30,000 feet.”



The second ad, somehow even more brazen than the first, features an even more colorful cast of DEI characters.

The ad makes particular note of Virgin Atlantic’s institution of pronoun badges and flexibility in allowing flight attendants to choose their uniforms on the basis of their self-identified gender, which the ad refers to as an “industry-leading gender identity policy.” Jamie Forsstrom, a self-described non-binary person stated “I have the choice of uniform, which is a massively big thing, it’s so important.”

Tyreece Nye, another self-described non-binary person and activist, stated the DEI policies “allow everyone to have a seat at the table, it’s not taking away from anyone. It’s just allowing everyone from the community to just have a voice.”


While Virgin Atlantic focuses on scoring diversity points, its airplanes appear to be falling apart at the seams.

Fox Business reports that the airline was forced to cancel one of its flights after a passenger observed that a number of bolt fastener tops were missing from one of the plane’s wing panels. The flight was canceled “to provide time for precautionary additional engineering checks,” according to a Virgin Atlantic Airlines spokesperson. It was ultimately found that four of the 119 bolt fastener tops in the wing panel were missing.

Last year, a Virgin Atlantic pilot made a “mayday” call when one of his plane’s engines shut down during a flight to London.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a 757 flown by Delta had its nose wheel fall off as it was taxiing for takeoff.

Instead of focusing on incorporating diverse people into its flight crews, perhaps Virgin Atlantic and other airlines should be focused on ensuring that essential mechanical components are incorporated into their aircraft.