EVERYTHING IS RACIST! Here are the Craziest Moments From Biden's 'Respect For Marriage' Rant

Brittany M. Hughes | December 14, 2022
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I'd say Joe Biden should stick to the prompter, but it seems whoever writes his speeches isn't a much better wordsmith.

Or truth-teller.

At a ceremony celebrating the signing of the ironically-named "Respect For Marriage Act" that codified gay unions into law Tuesday, Biden dropped a few one-liners that would have left everyone scratching their heads, if the lemmings in the room (which included a a few drag queens) hadn't been so busy clapping like seals at the insanity.

Here are just a few of Biden's most ridiculous claims from his speech:


1. When he claimed gay people are regularly getting kicked out of restaurants.

What century does he think we're in?

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2. When he claimed that not supporting and affirming a man masquerading as a woman is the same as hating Jews, non-white people, and lesbians, for some reason.

Ah, yes. The old 'everything we don't like is racist" trope.

3. When he blasted those who oppose the permanent physical mutilation of children's genitals in the name of mental ill adults' gender crusade.

"We need to protect these children" apparently includes convincing them they were born in the wrong body before pumping them full of artificial puberty blockers and carving off their body parts.

Political talking points aside, it looks like Joe Biden has about the same amount of respect for the truth as he does for marriage - i.e., none.