Ex-CIA & NSA Director Thinks It's a 'Good Idea' to Send 'MAGA Wearing Unvaxxed to Afghanistan'

Nick Kangadis | August 24, 2021
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What is it about “intelligence” officials that makes them say and do such stupid things? You’d think with the amount of training and years of experience, they’d actually use a little bit of — I don’t know — intelligence. Instead, what we get are people who use their years of experience as an excuse to spew establishment authoritarian “hot takes.”

Over the weekend, retired four-star Air Force General and former director of both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) Michael Hayden put his stamp of approval on a tweet sent out by a Twitter user with practically no identity in which they asked whether the U.S. could send “unvaxxed” supporters of former President Donald Trump to Afghanistan.

“Can we send the MAGA wearing uvaxxed to Afghanistan, no use sending that plane back empty?” the Twitter user opined.

“Good idea,” Hayden said in his quote retweet.

Another establishment hack giving his seal of approval on bad ideas. Sure, it may have been a joke. But when the left has become devoid of any sense of humor, idiots — like people in the establishment — give credence to said bad ideas, joke or not.

That’s Twitter these days for you — just an echo chamber of stupid.

H/T: Daily Caller