Ex-RNC Chair Steele: It's 'Beyond Imagination' That 'We Have to Literally Beg People To Wear a Mask To Save Their Own Dumb Ass'

Brittany M. Hughes | September 17, 2020
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Speaking to MSNBC’s Brian Williams, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele alleged that it is “beyond imagination” that he and other COVID-hyped people “have to literally beg people to wear a mask.”

“I’ve talked to enough [Trump voters] in the last few days. I'm exhausted. I’m exasperated. At this point, save who you can save because at this point, there’s only so much you can do.”

“The fact that we have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick? I'm sorry. To me it is beyond the imagination,” he said, before going on a rant about President Donald Trump's alleged deficiencies as a leader.

“I’m just so exhausted with this president at this point,” he added, claiming that Trump – who, early on in the pandemic, limited travel from China before shutting down the U.S. border, sending federal and military aid to COVID hot spots and implementing a task force to deal with the outbreak – has “done jack” about the pandemic.

Nowhere in the interview did Steele suggest what the president could have done better within his constitutional powers to contain a highly contagious flu bug in a country of 320 million people.