EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Glenn (KANE) Jacobs Wrestles Down Biden Vax Mandate

P. Gardner Goldsmith | September 23, 2021
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Known world-wide as Kane for his successful career in the field of professional wrestling, and now in his third year as Mayor of Knox County, TN, Glenn Jacobs is fighting again – for the rights of his neighbors against the onerous and rabidly anti-constitutional Biden Administration “vaccine” mandates on businesses with 100 or more employees or offices tied to federal funding.

In a no-holds-barred interview with MRCTV’s Gard Goldsmith, Jacobs recently discussed his obligation to stand on principle, and his historically important position to NOT comply with the illegitimate federal Executive Branch commands.

This, of course, is about our sovereignty over our own bodies, which goes to the very basis of human liberty, which is that each of us owns, and should control, their own body.

Jacobs also noted that the Constitution doesn’t allow this.

In this instance, of course, it also, I think, really is an affront to the Constitutions separation of powers.

Jacobs claims that the county itself employees 2,700 people, and the federal mandates are problematic enough for them, but he stressed the even wider implications this Biden’s threat has for many citizens who are trying to participate in a free market.

What makes it even worse is… they KNEW what they were doing is unconstitutional.

Well said.

Watch the interview, exclusive to MRCTV.

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