Facing Backlash, 'Palmetto Cheese' Owner Apologizes For Criticizing Black Lives Matter on Social Media

Brittany M. Hughes | September 4, 2020

The owner of Palmetto Cheese – which is delicious, by the way – has apologized after getting backlash for a couple of social media posts in which he brought attention to two white men who were shot dead in the street by a black man and calling out Black Lives Matter for exactly who they are.

But, as we all know, pointing out basic facts that leftists don’t like is a quick way to get you – and your company that supports hundreds of employees – canceled.

Brian Henry, who also happens to be the mayor of Pawley's Island, S.C., was forced to issue a public apology this week after he posted on Facebook calling out the lack of outrage over two white men who were recently gunned down by a black man after a traffic accident in Georgetown, S.C.

Henry posted, “2 innocent people murdered. Not 2 thugs or people wanted on multiple warrants. 2 white people defenselessly gunned down by a black man. Tell me, where is the outrage? When and where will we begin rioting and burning down businesses in Georgetown.”

Henry then called out Black Lives Matter rioters as “terrorists.”

“Why do we stand by an allow BLM to lawlessly destroy great American cities and threaten their citizens on a daily basis? Should they have a carte blanche license to pillage and destroy? This has gone on too far. Rise up America,” he wrote.

He’s since apologized for the statements after social media exploded with calls to boycott his company, Palmetto Cheese.

“I am profoundly sorry to those I offended with my post last week. My comments were hurtful and insensitive,” he said, adding that he needs time to self reflect so he can educate himself and better understand racial sensitivity.

Or, in other words, why only one race (and only one political ideology within that race) gets to be sensitive.

Oh, but it gets better. Or worse, as it were.

Henry also said his company is looking to change their packaging after critics pointed out there’s a picture of a black woman on the lid of there cheese container. Her name is Vertrella Brown, and according to Henry, the company chose her as their brand icon because she exemplifies low country cooking, and because she used the same original recipe to serve guests at the Sea View Inn.

“Her image personifies the soulful flavor that is embodied in this unique, southern recipe of pimento cheese. And this is why we refer to it as ‘The Pimento Cheese with Soul,’” he explained.

But of course, that’s not good enough for the naysayers, who’ve accused Henry and his company of exploiting the image of a black woman for profit, forcing him to add that “We have already initiated a product rebranding effort to be more sensitive to cultural diversity.”

Henry also says his company will be launching the Vertrella Brown foundation, with an aim to improve race relations through community events, create scholarships, offer entrepreneurial grants and contribute to local food banks.

But that hasn’t stopped the local NAACP from demanding his resignation as mayor because, after all, only certain opinions are permitted, and anyone who says anything out of lockstep with the left’s narrow political scope must be eliminated.