FACT CHECK: NYTimes LIES About Murderer Who Killed Then Burnt Her Baby

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | July 21, 2023
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Well, we all knew that The New York Times was a biased “journalism” outlet, but we didn’t know it was this bad! 

The New York Times (NYT) reported on the story of a 19-year-old mother who killed her baby in the third trimester and then burned the body but failed to mention any of the facts indicating how blatantly evil the scenario was.

NYT titled the piece, “Nebraska Teen Who Used Pills to End Pregnancy Gets 90 Days in Jail.” What it should have read was: “A Nebraska teen brutally murdered her child and then set him on fire and only received 90 days in jail.”

NYT clearly sided with the woman even though what she did was completely insane. 

If you don’t know, back in 2022, Celeste Burgess was 17-years-old and in her third-trimester of pregnancy when she decided to abort her baby. She took an abortion pill that her mother ordered from India and delivered her 30-week-old child. Then she burned the child’s body and buried it to hide the remains. Supposedly, she also dug up the remains and re-buried them and then moved them a third time.

The Times, however, ran with their own version of the story in order to push some pro-abort logic. 

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You have to read 16 paragraphs down in the piece to even hear that Burgess wasn’t charged with Nebraska's state abortion law. She was charged for removing or concealing human skeletal remains, but The New York Times, of course, let readers believe this was just about abortion.

Luckily, people who actually read the news blasted NYT on Twitter for its biased reporting. 

“You know she wasn’t imprisoned for the abortion right?” one said.

Another said, “why did you guys leave out the part where she took them at 7 MONTHS PREGNANT and then burned the baby’s body even though it was completely legal to have a 20-week abortion?”

One more wrote, “Incredible how so much of the coverage of this horrific story has buried the fact that she aborted the baby at *30 weeks* then burned the body. The Times might be cool with abortion at 30 weeks - about 85% of the country is not.”

Others, ran with the headline. 

“Republicans LIED when they said they wouldn't send girls and women to prison for having an abortion,” one user tweeted with a screenshot of the NYT piece.

Another did the same saying, “Don’t listen to GOP lies: The plan was always to imprison people who have abortions.”

It really is a shame that NYT blatantly lies to its readers about stories like this and it’s also a shame that people blindly follow the outlet and accept its content as gospel.


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