Failing Upward: Kaepernick Grabbing Another Ridiculous Award

Jay Maxson | May 18, 2022
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The book is just waiting there for him to write: “How I Prosper By Failing Upwards: An Autobiography by Colin Kaepernick.” The football has-been is in the news today because Morgan State University announced its plans to award him an honorary degree for his social justice work. The university will devalue its honorary degrees by recognizing the America hater on Saturday. 

Kaepernick can only generate so much media by releasing videos of himself throwing passes to unguarded receivers and bragging he’s NFL-ready. Morgan State, a historically black university, is obliging his voracious appetite for attention by keeping him in the news to wage his perpetual social justice crusade. 

Morgan State President David K. Wilson is also giving an honorary degree to another lefty -- David Burton, who served on former President Barack Obama’s Small Business Advisory Council. Alumnus and filmmaker David E. Talbert is also receiving an honorary award. 

President Wilson cited several platitudes that don’t apply to Kaepernick in boasting about the honorary degrees: 

"Leadership, Integrity, Innovation, Diversity, Excellence and Respect are more than just words that appear on the flags that adorn our campus, or words that we utter casually when reciting our core values, they represent the embodiment of who we are and what a Morgan graduate stands for.  

 "With this notion in mind, we intentionally sought a collection of individuals who truly embody these principles, and thankfully we have assembled a trio of diverse voices who have bravely stood — and kneeled — for the betterment and advancement of the voiceless, the marginalized and the disenfranchised." 

President Wilson deserves an honorary degree in social justice malarkey. 

A Morgan State U. spokesman told FOX Baltimore that Kapernick has been invited to attend the ceremony on Saturday, but it wasn’t known if he plans to attend. One would think the media hound would love another opportunity to get his mug in front of TV cameras at Morgan State to keep his name in the public eye. Publicity and social justice antics are what he truly craves for now. The “I’m ready to play football” shtick is just an act. 

Morgan State’s Wilson is tickled pink over its upcoming honor for Kaepernick and the other two men: “We are absolutely thrilled to bestow honorary degrees to David E. Talbert, David Burton and Colin Kaepernick for their individual, and collective, contributions to the progression of the black narrative and pursuit of excellence,” he said. 

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Kaepernick stopped pursuing excellence some time before the end of the 2016 NFL season, and subsequently walked away from a lucrative contract extension with the 49ers. Among his most recent claims to notorious fame are a book urging the dismantling of police departments and documentaries on Netflix (in which he called the NFL’s scouting combine “slavery” and slammed his white, adoptive parents) and ESPN.  

Several other woke organizations deeming Kaepernick fit for recognition are: GQ Magazine (2017 Citizen of the Year Award), Sports Illustrated (2017 Muhammad Ali Legacy Award), the ACLU (2017 Eason Monroe Courageous Award), Amnesty International (2017 Ambassador of Conscience Award), among others. 

There’s one more award he definitely deserves: most awards won by a losing quarterback. Kaepernick’s career record in NFL starts is 28-30. 

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