FAKE NEWS: CNN Suggests 'Million Maga March' Attendees Were Violent and 'Misled'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 15, 2020
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Anyone visiting the CNN homepage the morning of Sunday, November 15 got to see one of the most egregious displays of childish journalist misconduct perpetrated in recent memory.

I took a screencap of it, just to have it on record, and to double-check that what my eyes beheld was not some cruel mirage.

After the massive DC Stop The Steal/Million Maga March saw tens of thousands come from all over America to peacefully interact, publicly speak, record videos, sing songs, and express their desire that multiple irregularities in the 2020 US elections be investigated and proper remedies be provided should their suspicions of fraud be confirmed, and after some of these thousands headed home, many of those remaining or on their way home after dusk were set upon by gangs of weapons-wielding, explosives-throwing, saliva-spitting, fist-slamming, thieving, shouting, AntiFa and Black Lives matters members.


And many of us saw it reported by people like TownHall’s Julio Rosas, The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo, and others. We watched with increasing fury as peaceful people were attacked, thrown to the ground, and threatened by bipedal animals whose greater philosophy of collectivism (both AntiFa and Black Lives Matter are Marxist organizations – the former started in Stalin’s USSR and the latter’s founders openly stating they are Marxists) would see those same victims further victimized by the federal tax and regulatory beasts the animals worship like God.

And how did CNN headline its coverage? Well, beneath a daytime photo of rally participants was the first headline:

Trump supporters rally and clash in DC as President refuses to concede

Which -- looking past the improper insinuation that Trump should concede, even though the election has not been officially called for anyone – focuses on the rally attendees as the source of violence.

CNN doesn’t mention the BLM and Antifa attackers.

Does it take a grammarian to ask CNN to write a headline that doesn’t shift blame through its opaqueness?

The “Trump supporters” clash…with whom? Each other?

That's what is implied by the headline if one reads it as American English. But CNN has their own language: American NewSpeak.

Then we have the sub-headline that actually links to a “report”:

Millions were misinformed through the ‘highly coordinated’ Stop the Steal campaign.

Which implies that millions of these people traveled thousands of miles under the influence of a false impression, that, of course, the Trump claims of voter irregularities and possible election fraud are meritless – that it’s all a sham, spouted by a petulant ingrate in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

So, given such a claim in their headline, one would expect that CNN would provide evidence to back its claim that “millions were misinformed.”

Guess what? This is, of course, CNN. So, despite this ugly piece of muck-raking utilizing the so-called “skills” of four so-called “reporters”, not once do they cite either a legal claim or legal fight engaged by Trump’s team or supporters, nor do they cite any information to show when, where, or how any of the “millions” were incorrect in suspecting election problems.

The piece actually focuses on Roger Stone, claiming he is connected to the movement behind the massive rally. The report cites his use of the term “Stop The Steal” in 2016, but it makes no connection to the contemporary movement, merely using name association, not citing any financial tie or interaction between Stone and anyone behind the new movement. In fact, they admit they found no financial tie.

But, even if Roger Stone had helped form the new movement, how is that significant? The claim in the headline implies that participants were "misinformed" about the election. And after the four glorious reporters paint their canvass with such broad and dark conspiratorial strokes to imply that his is a giant psy-op by Stone, they simply jump to Steve Bannon starting a FB group with that name and then changing the name, not mentioning that the reason he and others kept changing the names of their groups was because Facebook was attacking groups and posts discussing any potential for vote-fraud.


So, after implying on its website that Trump rally attendees either clashed with each other or initiated clashes with opponents, then claiming that the attendees were “misled’, the tawdry excuse for a news network didn’t even MENTION the attacks perpetrated by AntiFa and BLM, and never mentioned a single legal claim about the election.

How about the fact that on Thursday, November 12, Pennsylvania Appeals Court Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt ruled IN FAVOR of the Trump legal team’s suit that segregated ballots that arrived after the deadline for voting could not be counted?

The fact that this is a matter is, on its face, an example of election irregularity, which is why, oh wondrous CNN, Trump’s team brought it to court.

One need not be a Trump supporter to support his team’s efforts to challenge voting irregularities in PA, MI, NV, AZ, GA, WI, and anyplace else. One need only want wrongdoers exposed.

But CNN not only overlooks wrongdoers on the streets of D.C., they add insult to injury by nonchalantly dismissing claims of possible election fraud or error. To give them even a few sentences of acknowledgment might inspire a handful of CNN visitors to actually investigate the claims and find that they're 100% worth further exploration, that there are numerous sworn affidavits in Michigan (which are supposed to be taken as evidence, and are given under penalty of perjury charges should the people giving them be found untruthful) and major legal problems in numerous states.

Of course, anyone who mentions these problems must be deranged, and, if we are to take CNN’s drift, possibly dangerous. So those interested in investigating possible criminality are the troublemakers.

This is a time when I hope every American above the age of 10 sees "Gaslight." Knowing how underhanded people engage in the nefarious process is important nowadays.

Especially if one deals with CNN.