'Family Guy' Actor Warburton Apologizes...for Apologizing in the First Place

Nick Kangadis | March 2, 2023
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If you’ve followed my work at all over the last seven years, you’d know how I feel about apologizing. The practice is only necessary when someone has actually wronged someone or a group of people. However, the practice of apology should NOT extend to those doing completely benign things, like telling jokes or anything else for the purpose of entertainment. If you’re offended by something, don’t watch it again. Simple. But don’t expect people to bend over backward and apologize to you simply because you’re delicate about a certain topic.

Typically, I say that those who apologize for things that don’t merit an apology — simply because the outrage mob demands it — deserves whatever comes to them as a result. But when someone sees the light and realizes that apologizing was a mistake, well, we all should be allowed second chances to make a first impression.

Actor Patrick Warburton, who provides the voice for the disabled cartoon character “Joe” on the long-standing series “Family Guy,” has come out and apologized…for apologizing in the first place.

Obviously, people who look to be offended because they’re professional victims try to take their pound of flesh from Warburton for daring to voice a disabled character when he’s not disabled himself…even though it’s called “acting.”

“I used to apologize for being on 'Family Guy,' and I apologize no more because this world is in horrible need of satire,” Warburton told Fox News Digital. “Everybody takes themselves too seriously, and… I think in many ways become an overwhelming mess. But we need humor in our lives, and we need love and humor, acceptance. It's all rather simple.”

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He’s 1,000 percent correct. People do take themselves too seriously. Sure, you can have a certain amount of ego concerning yourself. But, if you don’t have the ability to laugh at your own expense every now and then, you might need to lighten up.

Warburton is also known for his portrayal of Elaine’s boyfriend on the all-time classic sitcom, “Seinfeld.” His deadpan attitude towards — well, pretty much everything — made him one of the more popular side characters on a show dominated by the main four characters of one of the most beloved shows in TV history.

The actor believes that jokes can be timeless despite some people’s need to cast aspersions as to whether a joke could be told in today’s society. And as I’ve always said, it doesn’t matter the time or topic, funny is funny.

“I think that's why the show's in perpetual syndication and people love it,” Warburton also said. “There's always, you know, the way things change, and this and that… what would fly today? What flew yesterday can't fly today.”

I think the problem with today’s society is that they don’t understand how to leave well enough alone in favor of making everything about themselves.

Good for you, Patrick!


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