FDA Sued Over Dangerous Abortion Drug

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 24, 2023
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It’s become obvious that the FDA has an extreme, pro-abort agenda.

Just this year alone, the agency approved abortion drugs to be distributed willy-nilly at chain and local pharmacies. The drug, mifepristone, has proven to be extremely dangerous to a pregnant woman. Not only does it cause at least one death - the child in the womb - but it also carries life-threatening risks for the mother taking it, including hemorrhage. 

Even still, the FDA, under the current Biden administration, is still pushing them in every way it can since its approval of the drug in 2000. Now, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the “world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life,” is alleging the FDA didn’t adequately evaluate the drug's safety, and is urging the court to take the drug off the market. 

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ADF filed a suit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week and urged the court to expedite a decision. 

Following a press conference about ADF’s suit, MRCTV exclusively interviewed Senior Counsel Erik Baptist about the importance of the case.

Baptist made it clear that the FDA did not adequately research the effects the abortion drug has on women and girls when it was released more than two decades ago, claiming that the federal agency is still lying to the public about the true “safety” - or lack thereof - of the drug. 

Baptist, who is representing a group of eight individuals who've witnessed the true and damaging effects this drug has had, condemned the negligence of the FDA and said it's “illegal” to be distributing a drug that causes such life-threatening damage to women.

In his final remarks, Baptist reminded viewers that pregnancy is not an “illness” and this drug does not provide any benefits, but instead does insurmountable damage to women and their health.



While it's clear the FDA is driven by an agenda, the legacy media favor them. As a result of the lawsuit, NBC Nightly News interviewed and promoted the words of a Planned Parenthood abortion activist who claimed that the drug isn’t dangerous. 

No surprises there. Planned Parenthood needs to pay its bills somehow, and banning this drug would sure as heck put a damper on that. 

For more information on the ADF's case, visit adflegal.org. 

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