Fear of Actual Progress: Jemele Hill Documentary Digs Up Old ‘Black Quarterback’ Issue

Jay Maxson | June 18, 2021
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Jemele Hill makes a lot of money playing the race card, and her latest hustle is a documentary called “Fear of a Black Quarterback.” It will air on Vice Versa TV June 24. Quotes by Hill and her guests are downright laughable, if not desperate attempts to fabricate cases of racial discrimination where there are none.

The show’s one-minute trailer tells it all:

Hill: “There are people that hate the fact that you exist, just because you had the audacity to be great at a position. That’s a lot to deal with.”

Dr. Todd Boyd, the Katherine and Frank Price Endowed Chair for the Study of Race & Popular Culture and Professor of Cinema and Media Studies in the USC School of Cinematic Arts: “Black athletes have often been thought of as athletic, and you can really take this back to slavery.”

Former NFL quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Shaun King, both black, appear in the documentary as well. McNabb, who played for Philadelphia, moaned about white quarterbacks to be given time to develop. But blacks must be “great all the time.”

Hill’s latest grievance piece also trots out Marlin Briscoe to make the case for racism. He was a cornerback for the Denver Broncos who, because of an injury, became the first black man ever to start at quarterback in an NFL game. This was in 1968. Nothing like dredging up ancient history from half a century ago to make a case for racism in 2021!

Who knew it was so bitterly awful out there for black quarterbacks in the NFL in today’s times?

Does Dak Prescott know this? He’s the second-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history.

Deshaun Watson? He’s the third-highest paid quarterback in NFL history.

How bout Russell Wilson, fourth-highest paid QB.

Patrick Mahomes guided Kansas City to the last two Super Bowls.

They’re all established starters in the NFL. All-stars. And they’re all black!

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Black quarterbacks drafted in the first round include Kyler Murray, Jameis Winston, Jamarcus Russell, Cam Newton and Michael Vick. A lot of people sure “hated them for their existence.”

It’s so darn easy to see through the smoke Jemele Hill is blowing, and OutKick’s Clay Travis said the quarterback race issue is “at least two generations old”:

“Because media personalities are rewarded for yelling ‘that’s racist,’ there are days they must either manufacture stories on racism or, as is the case here, pretend a problem from decades ago still exists to keep the grift alive.

“In the NFL, the best players make the most money. The best player at each position starts. Oddly, that’s not good enough.”

Hill is a one-trick pony who has created a sordid trail of race-baiting. At ESPN, she called Donald Trump and his supporters “white supremacists.” She took her hollow race game to The Undefeated blog, to The Atlantic and to numerous other venues, such as LeBron James’ “Shut Up and Dribble” documentary.

When you keep crying “the sky is falling,” sooner or later people will ignore you … Jemele.