Fear Mongering Salon Claims Abortion Waiting Periods Will Kill People

Michael Ippolito | July 8, 2022
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The insane pro-abortionists in the left-wing media continues to depict Post-Roe America as a post-apocalyptic wasteland. These abortion zealots, such as the outlet Salon, are playing every card, including the life of the mother argument. 

Salon writer Nicole Karlis claims that the abortion waiting period will make America much more dangerous.

In true fashion of the pro-abortion media, Karlis stokes fear into her readers that the often helpful abortion waiting times are more dangerous than the act of murdering babies. Karlis seeks the help of a radical pro-abortion gynecologist to convey her points. 

"Requiring a waiting period adds to the already high burden that exists to access abortion care for people who are pregnant,"  Dr. Melissa Simon told Salon."This burden falls on people who have lower resources, those who are already facing distrust with the medical system, those who are in rural areas, those who identify as sexual and gender minority, those with disabilities, and those who are minoritized." 

Does Dr. Simon have such a problem with babies born into families with low resources or sexual and gender minorities that she wants to see their babies murdered? "There is no medical benefit to forcing a person desiring or needing an abortion to wait," Simon continued. "In fact, requiring a wait period is a dangerous practice." A doctor who took the Hippocratic oath does not believe babies being born is a medical benefit. 

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Simon defends abortion by using the inaccurate “life of the mother” argument.  

“Adding a waiting period to the travel required to go to a state that has no abortion ban could pose serious risk to a pregnant person's life,” Simon said, "Severe pulmonary hypertension or some types of Marfan Syndrome with substantial dilation of the Aorta are two examples of conditions which pose high risks of dying as the pregnancy progresses.” 

Of course, abortions performed to “save the life of the mother” only make up 1.14% of all abortions, but Simon knows that. There are numerous other procedures that can help the mother and save the baby together. Nope, Dr. Simon and Karlis would rather promote their religious slaughter of babies. 

Karlis then brings in the left-wing puppet ACLU to attack the waiting period. 

"Mandating delays for abortion implies that women who seek abortions do so without adequate reflection and are incapable of making reasoned, moral decisions regarding their health and future," The American Civil Liberties Union states. "In reality, almost all women, by the time they arrive at a clinic, are very clear about their reasons for wanting an abortion." 

Abortion is the irrevocable deprivation of the right to life. But the ACLU holds that the more important right is to have the procedure the moment the woman thinks it convenient or desirable. That’s not a serious position on personal rights. But there’s not much serious about Salon and other abortion enthusiasts.