Federal Court Considers Dismissing Death Sentence For Marathon Bomber

John Simmons | January 12, 2023
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The attorney for Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has asked a federal appeals court to vacate his client’s death sentence.

Attorney Daniel Habib is asserting that two of the jurors on Tsarnaev’s trial did not fill their duties in good faith. Habib highlighted that one juror said he had not posted anything about Tsarnaev on social media. However, it was discovered that he had shared a post calling Tsarnaev a “piece of garbage” -- which is a nice way to put it.

Another juror claimed that none of his Facebook friends had posted about the trial. But it turns out one of them had pushed the juror in question to “play the part” to get on the jury and convict the defendant.

These minor mistakes have not been deemed anything serious by some of those involved in the case.

“There is no indication in this record that the inaccuracies were the kind of knowing dishonesty that would lead to disqualification,” Justice Department attorney William Glaser said.

However, the First Circuit court seemed to entertain this asinine argument from Tsarnaev’s legal team.

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“Don’t we need to know why it was inaccurate before we know whether it was evidence of some bias or an innocent mistake?” Judge William Kayatta said.

It has been nearly a decade since Tsarnaev and his brother killed three and injured 260 in the most shocking domestic terrorism incident since 9-11. The Supreme Court has twice said that he deserves the death sentence for his crime, and we shouldn’t be hearing arguments from a legal team saying that two jurors who misremembered minor details in their statements is enough to get him off the hook.

His actions deserve nothing less than a lethal injection or the electric chair, and its time to stop stalling.

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