Federal Court Orders Release of Pfizer Jab Safety Data Starting In March

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 10, 2022
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In a ruling released late Thursday, U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman, for the Northern District of Texas, ordered the Food and Drug Administration to release more than 12,000 pages of Pfizer Corporation’s mRNA injection “safety data” on or before Jan. 31 – part of a total 55,000 page tranche of so-called “COVID vaccine” information American taxpayers already had to buy along with the jabs, and about which the feds have granted Pfizer and all other jab-makers legal immunity should the gene-vector injections cause harm.

The decision comes in response to a Freedom of Information Act Request made by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, a request the FDA and Pfizer fought, and which already has taken far too long to see real action.

The documents will be released at a rate of approximately 55,000 pages per month, over the course of about eight months -- many times more pages than the 70,000 pages of documents the federal politicians and stuffed-shirts add to their annual, 12-month compilation of new statutory wonders called “The Federal Register.”

As Jenna Greene reports for Reuters:

A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make public the data it relied on to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, imposing a dramatically accelerated schedule that should result in the release of all information within about eight months.

That’s roughly 75 years and four months faster than the FDA said it could take to complete a Freedom of Information Act request by a group of doctors and scientists seeking an estimated 450,000 pages of material about the vaccine.

And, get this revealing factoid -- something that could make one wonder just how the FDA has had any capacity to claim it handles “safety” checks for us dumb consumers who might want to handle our own risks and see the FDA relegated to the dustbin of history:

The FDA didn’t dispute it had an obligation to make the information public but argued that its short-staffed FOIA office only had the bandwidth to review and release 500 pages a month.

Yet the FDA gave “Emergency Use Authorization” to the drug, and Donald Trump squandered billions of US tax dollars buying millions of doses before the drug even was given that special “EUA” status, then Biden pilfered even MORE to buy additional jabs.

And a few more points.

FOIA restrictions usually are reserved to military information, so-called “national security,” and things the feds really, really, really don’t want people to know. Civilian lawyers encounter the biggest hurdles in their FOIA requests -- and often have to turn to lawsuits to get D.C. to comply – when the “sensitive” information FOR WHICH WE PAID is seen as pertaining to “national security.”

Since we paid for the Pfizer jabs, and paid the salaries of the FDA noon-heads who claimed the power to “check drug safety,” why all the pushback for info on their wondrous, world-saving gene serum?

And why is it that we, the forced “buyers” of this product, couldn’t read these documents to be “informed” before so many people acquiesced to jab mandates?

Are we to think that now, after millions have bowed to the pressure, we should be happy that we get to see the documents at a faster rate than the original 500 pages-per-month rate the FDA proposed in December 2021?

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If it seems to you that not only the pace, but the timing, of so-called “safety data” for experimental jabs that were granted “Emergency Use Authorization” (EAU), but not full “approval” is a bit backwards… If it seems as if “informed consent” can’t be given by ANYONE if people can’t get actual information about the possible safety problems of a jab.

The entire framework of this is anti-informed consent, anti-freedom. But, at least a tax-paid judge is “ordering” the tax-paid FDA to release the tax-subsidized Pfizer “safety data.”

The judge ordered the first 55K document drop to arrive March 1, with repeated drops of the same amount each month.

Said Judge Pittman:

Here, the court recognizes the ‘unduly burdensome’ challenges that this FOIA request may present to the FDA … But, as expressed at the scheduling conference, there may not be a ‘more important issue at the Food and Drug Administration … than the pandemic, the Pfizer vaccine, getting every American vaccinated, [and] making sure that the American public is assured that this was not rush[ed] on behalf of the United States.

A ruling that does nothing to change the trap in which politicians have placed us - but it gives us a chance to learn and teach others what we discover.