The Feds Are Pushing Long-Term Mask Mandates For Medical Workers

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 26, 2023
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If the years of unreliable, data-shaving, propagandistic activities of people at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institute for Airborne and Infectious Disease (NIAID), National Institutes for Health (NIH), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been insufficient to warn Americans away from them, and if the fact that the US Constitution neither mentions them nor explicitly allows Congress to create such power-arrogating, fascist federal tentacles, the new imposition that bureaucrats at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are readying to direct at healthcare professionals and their patients might do the trick.

Indeed, despite reams of evidence and years of opportunity to learn the obvious truth that N95 type masks don’t stop the spread of SARS-size viral particles (the masks have a .3 micron-width weave, while SARS viruses typically are less than .1 micron in diameter), the Delphic commandos at OSHA are in the final stages of imposing a mask mandate on most, if not all, U.S. healthcare workers.

But remember: it’s nothing at ALL like fascism for government to tell people they can “own” a business, while also telling them how to run their business…

Greg Piper reports for Just The News that the OSHA thugs are whipping out their pet euphemisms like “rule” and “standard” and “regulation” and “guidelines” when their actual activity is based on force, and the force likely is on its way:

“Decades of research finding that face masks provide little to no real-world benefit against respiratory viruses, recently reaffirmed by a ‘gold standard’ Cochrane meta-review of randomized controlled trials, aren't budging the faith of federal regulators and the U.S. medical establishment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration could impose some form of mask mandate in healthcare settings permanently, assuming the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs approves its final rule submitted in December.”

And, as usual, the fact that OSHA has to wait for “approval of the final rule” means very little. That’s likely to be merely a formality, and you’ll have nothing to do with it.

“The public can't review the submission because ‘internal deliberations are ongoing, and it has not yet been finalized,’ an OSHA spokesperson told Just the News. Stakeholders seem to believe it will mandate masking, judging by the pro-mandate National Nurses United cheering the agency's submission.”

Already, OSHA has imposed an “emergency temporary standard” on people trying to engage in the business of providing medical services to willing customers. And, despite the masks comprising part of a giant “medical safety” theatrical show that many of us recognize as the shadow-play that it is, the feds seem fixated in making it permanent.

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Writes Piper:

“Andrew Levinson, director of standards and guidance at the Labor Department, pointed Just the News to the public record for OSHA's emergency temporary standard, which required masks indoors and high-grade respirators around suspected or confirmed COVID cases.”

“Suspected and confirmed COVID cases” also being terms with definitions that have been politically manipulated and loosely defined since the start of the ill-titled so-called “pandemic.”

And, true to their previous modus operandi, the government officials are using highly questionable arguments within a government-agreeing echo chamber that does not even question the overall bureaucracy itself.

First, Piper notes the empty-headed nature of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s position on masks. To her, masks were so obviously effective, no one need study them – no one need question their make-believe “science.”

“CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently told Congress not only that the agency didn't study mask efficacy against COVID because there was no ‘equipoise in the question,’ meaning everyone knew masks worked, but also that its recommendation to mask even 2-year-olds in areas with high COVID infections would not change in response to growing scientific doubt about masking's efficacy.”

Another portion of the excuse factory behind this incoming mask mandate relies on a fantastical so-called “study” of COVID19 particles in school wastewater correlated to mask-wearing by kids on school – a study which has invited appropriate opprobrium.

“Jeremy Redfern, deputy press secretary for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), joined the skepticism. ‘This is basically a 5th-grade science fair experiment with access to PCR,’ he tweeted.”

But all of this is academic. Just as the far-too-late admission by the New York Times that mask mandates were useless is tangential to the core of the matter, so, too, is whether X or Y bureaucrat has a record of veracity or – as with many – that bureaucrat is as full of verbal offal as his paycheck is full of tax-syphoned cash.

The core of the issue is whether there is any constitutional – nay, moral – authority for government agents to mandate how anyone else may or may not offer services or request services to or from another human being.

Not only are OSHA and its allies in the cloud of mask mosquitoes not constitutionally justified in their attempts to get their bureaucratic appendages into our interactions with doctors, and not only are they skirting real scientific debate, even if the masks DID work well, and even if the Constitution DID allow for the mandates and the agencies to exist, there is not only no moral justification to mandate masks on other people who can freely choose to associate or not associate with each other for business, there is not any moral sanction for the government to make my neighbor pay for enforcement of such mandates, or for the agencies that perform their devilish bureaucratic dances.

None of it is moral. The argument begins – and ends – there.

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