Feds Beef Up Security on NORTHERN Border…To Keep Dems IN or Canadians OUT?

Craig Bannister | December 6, 2016
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Despite the surge of illegal aliens into the U.S. from the south, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is offering hiring bonuses and advertising to shore up border security in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Are they trying to keep Disgruntled Democrats in, or keep Conservative Canadians out?

Whichever, the CBP is offering a three-year hiring bonuses for officers to defend the North Dakota borders in Pembina and Portal, N.D.:

“CBP is offering a hiring incentive for the Pembina and Portal locations. The incentive pays an additional 25 percent (except Pembina, which pays 10 percent) of an employee’s base pay (including locality) per year for three years.”

The job entails enforcing laws relating to “admissibility of individuals” (illegal aliens):

“CBP officers detect and prevent terrorists and their weapons, and other threats from entering the U.S., while facilitating legitimate trade and travel. CBP officers enforce more than 400 laws related to trade, contraband, agricultural pests and diseases, and admissibility of individuals.”

Ironically, documentation required to cross the U.S.-Canada border is already so strict (“proof of citizenship and proof of identity”) that it rivals the voter I.D. laws liberals deem voter suppression and racist.

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