Female Athlete Silenced at Library Event Space For Affirming Science

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | August 21, 2023
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On Sunday the Moms for Liberty chapter in Yolo, California hosted an event called “Forum on Fair and Safe Sport for Girls,” at the Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch Library. While the group reserved the event space, a librarian revoked the group’s reservation just a few minutes into the program when the first speaker referred to transgender women as  — biological men (gasp). 

Free Speech has really gone out the window!

According to the information flier that was distributed to promote the event, “The California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) prioritizes the wants of males before the needs of females. It’s time to expose CIF’s discriminatory policies that put girls at risk and removes opportunities to excel in sport[s].”

The event agenda included numerous topics to help the audience understand the complexities and niches of transgender women in female sports. One presentation was labeled “Title IX history and current status: Do girls have the right to equal opportunity in sports?” Another presentation was planned to go over the physiological advantage of male athletes and another planned to propose new policies to keep girls sports safe and fair. 

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The first speaker, Sophia Lorey, who is employed by the California Family Council, was invited to share her personal story of being a college athlete.

Lorey first gave a rundown of what the event would cover and then tried to share a little bit about her own life to add context to the discussion. Before she could even begin, someone yelled out, “Are you gonna misgender people throughout the entire thing?” Lorey respectfully asked the individual to save his questions til the end. 


Then the librarian chimed in saying, “I do not want any transgender females being called males.” Lorey, rightfully, was stunned. Erin Friday, a California attorney who was a scheduled speaker at the event asked to see the Library’s policies regarding the First Amendment rights and policies on events just before another audience member started yelling, “TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN.”

Oh hell. 

The librarian argued that trans women are “protected under state law” and that misgendering people is not “respectful.”  

I'd argue that screaming out while someone is giving a presentation is not respectful, but that's an aside. According to a video obtained from the event, the audience was chock full of numerous pro-LGBTQ people adorned with trans signs, flags and unsurprisingly, rainbow hair. 

Since librarian Scott Love couldn’t provide any written documentation that the event needed to be shut down according to some library code, Lorey was finally able to actually begin. 

“At ten-years-old, like I said, all I dreamed about was being a college soccer player,” she began. “Current ten-year-old girls cannot live out the same dream [I had] as long as men are allowed to compete in women's sports. So now no matter how hard girls work...” then was rudely interrupted, again.

This time the librarian said he’d have her removed so she had to say “biological girls” and “biological men” just to share her story. 

Well, unfortunately she didn’t get much further. Love told her to leave,  “because you are misgendering, you were talking about men in women sports.” 

This is a blatant example of an obstruction of first amendment rights. 

“We all have First Amendment rights, whether you believe what I believe, or whether I believe in what you believe. But as an American, I am allowed to have my First Amendment rights, just like you are,” Friday explained. Later adding that it was unfair for people to be “interpreting my First Amendment rights,” and that if they didn’t want to listen to her, they were welcome to leave. 

After that, hell broke out, once again, with screaming and tantrums coming from the audience and the librarian insisted that unless Lorey left, the event would be concluded. 

Not surprisingly, this same library is extremely pro-LGBTQ. On June 4, it set up a booth at the Davis Pride Festival Community Fair. It hosted a pride storytime event for children ages three to six and even hosted a movie night where it streamed a movie about a transgender teen. 

But the second an event pops up that has a differing opinion, s**t hits the fan!

It’s really a shocker that the left thinks that free speech is only permitted when it aligns with their wacko agenda.

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