Female Athletes Demand Abortion Rights For Matters Of Convenience 

Jay Maxson | September 15, 2022
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In the aftermath of the Dobbs v. Jackson ruing, in which the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, USA Today Sports spoke to nearly three dozen current and retired professional female athletes, coaches, agents and sports executives to get their opinions on how women’s rights are being stripped away. What resulted is today’s thorough beatdown of pro-life red states. 

The entire story focuses on women who view career convenience as the over-riding need for abortion rights. The women interviewed expressed fears about competing in, or getting traded to, red states with no access to abortion. Not a word was spoken about the rights of the unborn child, in the story by Nancy Armour, Lindsay Schell and Chris Bumbaca. For her part, Armour has already made it clear she thinks female athletes aren't strong or disciplined enough to live without an abortion law created by nine men.

The jaded story states that 30 million women between the ages of 15 and 49 live in states with abortion restrictions. A'ja Wilson (photographed above), starred for a college team in one of those states. She led the University of South Carolina to the 2017 national championship in women’s basketball team and now plays for the Las Vegas Aces, of the WNBA. Wilson will not allow a daughter to attend school in that state because abortion rights in Columbia, S.C., are – in the words of the story’s agenda-driven authors -- under “heavy assault.”

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Wilson’s admission is startling, USA Today writes, because one of this century’s most accomplished female athletes has a responsibility “to use her platform to speak out on issues that impact women, even if what she says sends shockwaves through the sports world.”  

Breanna Stewart, a WNBA all-star with the Seattle Storm, said women will not play in a state “where they don’t have rights to their own bodies.” 

More than 500 female athletes signed onto an amicus brief submitted during the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case. Roe v. Wade’s demise came on June 24, a day after the 50th anniversary of Title IX, and that was “particularly cruel for them,” say the USA Today abortion shills. 

Kara Goucher, a two-time Olympian and now a distance running analyst for NBC, said that in 10 years some of the elite female runners won’t be able to compete if they get pregnant in red states. “They’ll never get to find out who they can be.” Former U.S. sprinter Sanya Richards-Ross got to find out who she can be by having an abortion two weeks before running in the Olympics. That’s just what some female athletes do to keep competing at high levels, USA Today says. 

Gwen Berry, an Olympic hammer thrower who gained notoriety for protesting the USA at the Pan American Games admits, “My body is my job.”  

Another USA sprinter, Shamier Little, argued that delivering a child it just too mentally draining, and to put a woman through that pain “is just unfair.”  

Members of pro soccer and basketball teams in red states are also now being restricted by heartbeat bills, according to the story. Women athletes in red states will have to travel to other states to get abortions, though their woke leagues will cover the costs of killing the children. 

Sue Bird just retired after a long career in the WNBA and she’s concerned how the lack of abortion rights will impact free agency. Free agents won’t want to sign with Dallas or Atlanta, for instance, because free agency trumps an unborn child’s right to life. USA Today chimes in that only top players will be able to oppose trades to red states. 

Crystal Dunn, of the Portland Thorns women’s pro soccer team, declares: “Playing in a red state right now, I would say that’s out of the question.” 

USA Today commented that women are comforted by organizational support. “But the bottom line, they said, is large portions of America remain dangerous for women.” These abortion fanatics also claimed pregnant athletes traveling to red states may not be able to get life-saving abortions. 

DiJonai Carrington, who plays for the WNBA team in Connecticut, warned “if we’re not all safe, then none of us are safe.” She also said a man should not be able to determine whether or not a woman can kill her child. 

Goucher concluded by saying she grew up believing girls could do anything, “But — it was all just a big lie.” 

Women’s pro basketball soccer and basketball were already considered the most radically woke pro sports leagues. This USA Today puff piece for Big Abortion just further cemented that status.