Fewer ESPN Wokies To Serve Leftists Any Time, Any Where 

Jay Maxson | April 20, 2023
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The anticipated ESPN downsizing could come as early as next week as Disney is expected to cut some 4,000 jobs, an estimated 15 percent of its employees. The question is, will the parent company and ESPN downsize on wokeness, too? 

ESPN confirmed to NBC News that the layoffs will include some of its on-air talent and management. Exactly how many jobs that it is remains unknown today. Last month, it was reported that no one is “immune” to the layoffs, which could potentially include some big names. The number 4,000 was associated with the Disney empire, of which ESPN is part of, as part of the first wave of cuts. Another 3,000 terminations could follow. Disney plans to trim $5.5 billion in costs from the downsizing. 

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No job at ESPN is safe from the layoffs, the New York Post reported. The cuts are expected to range from the least-known behind-the-scenes employee to people at the top, like Stephen A. Smith (earning $13 million annually) and America hater Howard Bryant, who opposes patriotism in sports on the Fourth of July. 

Andrew Marchand, who writes for the New York Post, speculated ESPN will go through three rounds of layoffs "relatively soon." High-end employees may end up staying on with 50-percent pay cuts, as well. 

Front Office Sports reports:  

“According to sources, the most vulnerable on-air talents are those with expiring contracts or only a year left on their deals. ESPN could buy out some deals and not renew others. ‘This is really going to impact people with expiring contracts,” warned one source.” 

Whether or not ESPN remains as woke as it’s been, after the cuts, will soon be known. The network boasts of serving sports fans anytime and anywhere. Liberal sports fans, that is. Like the NBA, ESPN is extremely soft on communist China’s human rights atrocities. Its talkers typically adopt every left-wing side of the issues and have brazenly supported Black Lives Matter, transgenders in women’s sports and Democrat politics across the board, among other radical positions. 


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