FLASHBACK: Biden's 'Ministry of Truth' Director Advocated for 'Informational Distancing' to Avoid Hurt Feelings

Nick Kangadis | April 29, 2022
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While it’s perfectly justifiable to pile on the Biden regime’s leader of their new “Ministry of Truth” — also known as the Disinformation Governance Board — people should be focusing the majority of their animus of the entirety of the federal government that thought creating an online gestapo was a good idea.

That being said, the executive director of the “Ministry of Truth” Nina Jankowicz’s history makes her ripe for ridicule.

During a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) forum on “Russia’s Information War on America” back in September of 2020, Jankowicz spoke to the best of her activist ability on “tips on how to spot disinformation and deal with fake news.”

Someone from the far-left and the establishment speaking about “disinformation” and “fake news” would be like Dr. Jordan Peterson advocating for forced use of personal pronouns — it’s just not based in reality.

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Jankowicz actually advised people to practice “informational distancing” — a made-up term for stupid people — in order to prevent themselves from allowing alleged “disinformation” from affecting their emotions too much.

“First of all, I’d like to say we all need to be practicing informational distancing, in addition to social distancing, understanding that disinformation manipulates your emotions,” the wise sage Jankowicz said. “If you feel yourself getting really worked up about something, the best thing you can do is to close your device or put it down and walk away for a little while.”

Listen, I get turning off all the screens we look at practically all day, every day. I get it. There needs to be a disconnect. But if your first instinct is to ignore things that you consider problems because they’re too much for your delicate psyche, call it a rap for that day because life is way harder than most of what you see online.

Jankowicz also advocated for people using the left-leaning “fact-checker” Snopes, who routinely misleads people as to the validity of a specific topic or quote.

All in all, these are the people who are now in charge of the federal government. And remember, most of them — like Jankowicz — were never elected by the people.

For the clip of Jankowicz's comments, watch below:


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