Flashback: Bill Clinton Once Golfed at All-White Country Club

Zach Montanaro | November 2, 2016
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Here’s a throwback for you: former President Bill Clinton once played a round of golf at an all-white country club.

That’s according to a New York Times report that came out during the Democratic primaries in 1992, when then Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton appeared to be the favorite to win the Democrat nomination.

According to the report, Bill Clinton played a round of golf at the Country Club of Little Rock, which at the time had no nonwhite members. The action earned a rebuke from Dale Charles, the President of the Little Rock NAACP at the time, now current President of the NAACP in Arkansas.

Bill Clinton, in the midst of the campaign cycle, quickly admitted his mistake, apologized, and promised not to play at the club until it was integrated. He claimed to be unaware the club didn’t have any nonwhite members. Clinton was an honorary member of the country club because he was the governor.

This follows the news that broke on Wednesday about a large donor for the Hillary Clinton campaign being caught on a hidden camera calling African-Americans who support Republicans “seriously f***ed in the head.” The recordings were released by the group Project Veritas, which has been steadily releasing undercover recordings of party Democrats and Hillary Clinton campaign officials talking about voter fraud, to purposefully inserting troublemakers into Trump rallies to gain media attention.

You can see the original New York Times report here.

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