Florida Cops Physically Remove Eight Concerned Moms From School Board Meeting For Refusing Face Masks

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 30, 2020
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Imagine that you and your neighbors live in feudal times. You can reside on a plot of land, toil, and stay there as long as you annually give the Liege Lord a huge portion of what you earn. The feudal lord also has sycophantic underlings protected by armed guards, all of whom he gives some of your wealth, and they tell you that more and more of your money will be taken to pay for the feudal indoctrination center that your children will have to attend or jump through hoops in order to stay home, and, even then, if you try to educate them yourself, you will have to comply with their commands.

Now imagine that, once in a while, the lord lets you visit with his administrators and their armed guards for some slight, rare changes to policy, but that the overall system will remain, and that if you don’t wear the right, royally approved attire, you will be assaulted by the armed guards, carried away, and, possibly, charged with a crime.

That’s what local tax systems, the public schools, their administrators, and their police often are like, and the situation just revealed itself in all its insulting glory in Volusia County, Florida.

According to The New American’s Alex Newman, eight mothers who attended an end-of-October school board meeting to oppose the scheduled vote mandating masks on kids in the schools, on busses, and in any school-associated “activity” were forcibly removed as “trespassers” on public property (which is philosophically and logically impossible) because, of course, the moms refused to wear masks.

That sure is a handy way to remove political opposition to a mask mandate, isn’t it? Just, well, mandate masks at the meeting, knowing full well that those who oppose mask mandates for kids will not wear masks at the meeting, and then use that as a so-called justification to have the vociferous, troublesome tax serfs removed.

As Newman writes:

School board officials in Florida’s Volusia County are under fire after using police to forcibly eject a group of concerned mothers from a public meeting on 'trespass' accusations. Their supposed crime: Refusing to wear a face mask while speaking out against the forcible masking of children in government schools.

As a result:

And so, despite Florida and Volusia County having no mask mandate in place, the mothers were man-handled and thrown out of the school board meeting by police. Video of the spectacle went viral and made headlines and TV across the region and beyond. Police body cam footage can be seen here.

Of course, it’s easy to get lost in the government weeds when studying attacks on liberty like this, so, before we look at the more fundamental attack on liberty – actually many attacks layered one on the other like sediment to be excavated by a liberty-minded archeologist – let’s address the practical points about masks.

One of the mothers who was dragged from the building and dropped on the ground was Rachel Cohen, who told Newman:

’Parents have a sovereign right to their children, and health decisions pertaining to children must be made by parents or guardians, not by a school district,’ Cohen explained, echoing concerns by the other moms who were ejected from the meeting as well. ‘Masks are an experimental medical device.’

And Cohen amplified to Newman…

Among other concerns, Cohen noted that there have been no double-blind placebo studies conducted on children wearing masks 7 hours a day for an entire school year. ‘Widespread, long-term use of masks, especially in children, is experimental and the implications are unknown, though risk analysis does show that there is MORE risk to a child’s health in wearing a mask than not wearing a mask,’ she said, noting that under the Nuremberg Code, experimental procedures require informed consent.

She is absolutely right. As I noted in a July 2 piece for MRCTV:

There is also debate as to whether mask-wearing can increase CO2 levels in the blood. Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale (R) tested masks for oxygen levels just outside the mouth and nose, and found that all of the suggested masks reduce oxygen for those wearing them to levels lower than ‘OSHA safe.’

Dr. P. Raghu Ram, President of The Association of Surgeons of India, has explicitly warned people NOT to wear masks when exercising.

Then there is the practical debate about whether the masks are effective to stop the COVID19 virus, a virus that, even if one accepts the inflated CDC COVID “case” and “death” statistics, has a fatality rate roughly equal to that of the seasonal flu.

And not only does the box of the most popular N95 mask actually say on it that it does not protect against the transmission of COVID19, numerous studies indicate the same for cloth masks, and a fresh Danish study found that the N95 mask is worthless in protecting the wearer from the .1 micron viral particle passing through its .3 micron weave.

Cohen, who spoke with Newman, added:

’The eight mothers that were trespassed at the last board meeting had no intention of creating a disturbance, but knew we were well within our rights to stay in the building, as we were in a public place and under Governor DeSantis’ executive order 20-244 there were to be no penalties exacted for being in a public place unmasked,’ Cohen continued, adding that neither the state nor the county have a mask order in place.

But, on the philosophical level, this is the upper surface of many layers of unwarranted government control and political usurpation of individual rights.

As Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld repeatedly noted in volumes of scholarship, the notion of government-run, tax-fed schools was not prevalent in colonial America and the early Republic. An early 19th Century study in Boston called the Bulfinch Study found that 96 percent percent of kids were educated privately, and the qualitative content of what they learned was better – from math to grammar. Citing Blumenfeld, William F. Jasper wrote in 1986:

The (1817) Bulfinch report, says education historian Samuel Blumenfeld, revealed that ‘an astonishing 96 percent of the town’s children were attending school, and the 4 percent who did not, had charity schools to attend if their parents wanted them to. Thus there was no justification at all for the creation of a system of public primary schools, and Bulfinch reported as much to the School Committee, which accepted the sub-committee’s recommendation,’ (Is Public Education Necessary? The Paradigm Company, 1981).

I highly recommend that tome, and all of Sam’s books (one of which my father, Paul, edited under a pseudonym when he worked with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s).

And as government has crept in, as more and more of our money has been turned into those palaces of propaganda called the public schools, we can see that it’s not just masks mandates (the Volusia school board voted in favor) that represent moral black marks against the government. From the time in school that the politicians mandate, to the content of what kids must learn and taxpayers must “buy”, all of the government-tax-indoctrination paradigm not only must be questioned on practical grounds, it must be demolished on moral grounds.

Otherwise, we are mere serfs, begging permission to get ever-so-slight changes in the way we are controlled.