Florida DNC Member Resigns After Using ‘Colored People’ Instead of ‘People of Color’

ashley.rae | April 6, 2018
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A Florida Democratic National Committee member resigned on Wednesday after he made the “mistake” of using the phrase “colored people” instead of “people of color.”

First Coast News reports John Parker, who also served as the state committeeman for the Duval County Democratic Party, was overheard using the phrase “colored people” at a restaurant on Jan. 22, 2017.

Diallo-Sekou Seabrooks, the head of Jacksonville’s Black Commission, told First Coast News he witnessed Parker using the allegedly offensive language.

Seabrooks told First Coast News, “Why would you still think that 'colored' was cool? Because to me it's a Jim Crow terminology and it's unacceptable.”

Parker offered an apology to Politco in February, saying he simply “misspoke.” 

Parker’s apology, however, did not stop the calls for him to resign.

Duval County Democratic Executive Committee chairman Lisa King, who is also Parker’s wife, condemned his comments. She called for her husband to resign.

In a statement to First Coast News, King said, “Though it is painful and awkward to air this conflict publicly, I have told John from the beginning that the most appropriate course of action for him was to resign. Although we disagree on this action, our members are committed to respecting the process to resolve this issue.”

After losing the faith of his wife and other Democratic Party members, Politico reports Parker offered his resignation.

In his resignation letter, Parker lamented how his remarks “have been misunderstood and give the impression I am something I am not.” However, Parker said he was taking “responsibility” for his “mistake” and was resigning for the “good of my Party.”

Rep. Kim Daniels, a Democrat representing Jacksonville, has also called on King to resign.

The Duval County Democratic Black Caucus and the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida both filed a complaint against Parker.

(Image source: Wikipedia author Urbantallahassee)

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