Florida Legislature Debates 6-Week Abortion Ban, Protestors Erupt & Media Responds

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | April 13, 2023
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Governor Ron Desantis (R-Fla.) and Florida Republicans are currently in the process of pushing one of the most pro-life bills in our country. The bill would make abortion illegal after the six-week mark of a woman’s pregnancy. 

The bill made pro-abort activists were livid and sparked fury inside of the Fla. courthouse. As MSNBC reporter, Dasha Burns indicated, things were getting “heated.” 

Women, men, and anyone in-between were screaming at the top of their lungs in protest. As MSNBC called it however, they were just “demonstrators” who didn’t support the bill. That outlet also pointed out that numerous Democratic house members left the house floor to stand in solidarity with the “demonstrators” in protest of the pro-life bill. 

Burns and reporter Laura Jarrett also consistently called the bill a “restriction” on abortion instead of a pro-life bill. It’s obvious which side they lean towards!

Over on Twitter videos of the “demonstrators” went viral. Here’s a post from Florida Planned Parenthood Action with a video of what looked like a cultish circle of abortion activists.

In opposition of the bill, state Democrats filed more than 50 amendments to try to skirt the rules, and it was almost comic to watch them be presented and then shot down, one after the other. Most of the objections were silly and desperate. “A woman needs more time to travel” this is the most “cruel and unusual” ban and things like abortions should be legal if a woman’s “religion” permits her to abort. What the hell kinda religion is that?

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At the debate, protestors also threw paper down onto the Florida House Floor. I’m sure that was really effective in proving their point.

Time will tell what happens in Florida tonight but it’s no doubt that the left will be pissed either way.

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