Fmr. N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo Escapes Charges in Nursing Home Scandal

Nick Kangadis | January 4, 2022
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These days, in far-left cities and states, it feels like you can literally get away with murder.

As Townhall reported, according to a statement released on Monday by Elkan Abramowitz, the “former federal prosecutor hired to represent [former New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo while he was still in office,” the elder of the disgraced Cuomo brothers won’t face charges for the thousands of nursing home deaths that occurred on Cuomo’s watch during the first year of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“I was contacted today by the head of the Elder Care Unit from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office who informed me they have closed its investigation involving the Executive Chamber and nursing homes," Abramowitz stated. "I was told that after a thorough investigation — as we have said all along — there was no evidence to suggest that any laws were broken.”

The decision not to charge Cuomo is somewhat of a puzzling one when you take into account that the New York Department of Health, under Cuomo’s administration, issued the order to put COVID patients into nursing homes all the way back in March of 2020.

When you combine that with an April 28, 2021 New York Times report that “Cuomo’s Office Hid Nursing Home Death Toll for Months,” you begin to wonder even harder how the former governor was only kicked out of office for alleged sexual harassment.

But, about three months earlier than the NYT report, a 76-page January 2021 report by New York Attorney General Letitia James detailed how Cuomo’s administration underreported nursing home COVID deaths.

Maybe this is a silly question, but if you’re completely innocent of all wrongdoing in any case, why would you underreport the actual numbers unless you feel you’re trying to hide something?

It’s strange, but then again, it is New York. So, this seems like par for the course for a state undergoing a mass exodus.