Football Coaches in Alabama Establish 'Manly Mondays' To Teach Male Athletes Real Life Skills

Ferlon Webster Jr. | May 9, 2019
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Not every person in our world is bent on making modern men a pansy. In fact, some are actually interested in making men manly again.

Two football coaches at Athens High School in Alabama are making training more "manly" for their players, but not by making them lift more weights and run extra sprints. They’re teaching these athletes skills that every man should learn at some point in his life.

Called “Manly Mondays,” the concept is to give male student athletes tools to help them as they navigate life.

Coach Gross established the training program and recruited 62-year-old Coach Carter to join in on the fun soon after.

“We taught them how to look a man in the eye and give a good firm hand shake,” Gross told “And they couldn’t leave the locker room until they did that.”

The coaches also taught them:

How to change a car tire…

How to treat women and make jewelry for them:

How to cut PVC pipe without a saw (along with other life skills).

The coaches lessons went viral after Barstool Sports showcased Coach Carter's car tire changing video on their Twitter page, accumulating over 4 million views.

“That’s part of the thing with social media,” Gross said. “You never know. Our deal was we’re not doing it to get publicity at all. We’re doing it to help these young men, but I put it on Twitter just because I kind of want folks in our town to know what is going on.

“The big thing is, as coaches, we can have a big impact on young men,” he continued. “That’s why I do what I do. When (last) season ended, I felt the need to be more intentional about some things we do. We try to model the behaviors we expect.”

“We’re trying to teach them life lessons,” Carter added. “It’s not just about coaching football. Any sport teaches you about life, but I don’t think any sport teaches you the hard knocks of life more than football. You get knocked down. You get back up. It’s a great lesson, but there is more to it than the winning and losing and coaching a kid how to play football.”

It’s good to see manly men out here teaching the younger generation how to be productive men. The destruction of masculinity in our society has been championed by modern feminism and by those who want men to get in touch with their feminine side. A salute to coaches Gross and Carter for taking it upon themselves to teach valuable life skills to those around him.