Former Miss California Squashes CA’s ‘Queerest Halloween’ Kids Party

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 17, 2022
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“Queer” and “kids” shouldn’t ever be used in the same sentence. But it’s 2022 and everything good apparently needs to be corrupted by woke progressivism. 

The Encinitas Union School District in California recently sent a flier to parents and students promoting San Diego’s 2022 “Boo Bash,” self-described as “The Queerest Free Halloween Party For Youth & Families.” Former Miss California-turned-Encinitas mother Carrie Prejean Boller was not happy about it, and went in front of the school board to condemn it. She then insisted on "Jesse Watters Primetime" that those who promoted the event should be “put in jail.”


The event flier lists numerous “fun” activities for kids and their families to enjoy, including a drag show that the creators kindly specified as “family friendly.” (Back to my first point again, “family friendly drag show” is an oxymoron.) Boller pointed out to Watters that the event is also sponsored by a “sex change surgical center” and “gay night clubs” in San Diego. 

I’m sure both groups have the best interest of kids at heart. 

On Thursday’s Fox segment, Boller explained her anger against the school board and her commitment to getting them replaced and making “sure they are never near our children again.”

She also called school board members “cowards” after they provided no answer to her numerous accusations. 

Happily, Boller wasn't the only parent outraged, and she's now organizing a protest. Meanwhile, Watters indicated that the school board “quietly” removed the flier amid the controversy. 

Waters asked if Boller thought that the school board had a “profit motive.”

It looks like there's a profit motive, too. Because if you get the kids to start questioning things and you get the parents out of the picture, then all of a sudden surgery's underway, and people's pockets are getting fat. And I mean that's just -- it's criminal. It is criminal. Is that what the sense is? 

Boller then quoted her friend who also spoke at the board meeting. The members of the school board “are playing the role of activist pimps,” she told Watters, who responded by wishing Boller “good luck in that fight.”

He’s totally right. It has become what seems like a never-ending fight against the attack on today’s kids. A few weeks back the Media Research Center pointed out nine reasons why the media are at fault for the rise in transgender youth and schools, whether that be teachers themselves, books given to kids or the actual curriculum. Even as elected officials push back against the attempted indoctrination of our kids, the left works tirelessly to push woke ideologies down their throats. 

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After all, kids are much easier to manipulate than adults and if the left wants a world of woke activists, kids are certainly the place to start. 

This is disgusting, terrifying, and a billion other evil adjectives - but most notably, this is the reality of today. 

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