Former UFC Legend Slams Gender Ideology Nonsense: 'We Have Only Two Genders'

John Simmons | August 22, 2023
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Former UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov was famous for laying the boom on his opponents in the octagon, and he just did the same thing to progressive gender ideology.

“The Eagle” was speaking with Patrick Bet-David of the “PBD Podcast” in which the host asked him about the gender ideology in America that has duped people into believing there are more genders than just male or female. Bet-David point-blank asked Nurmagomedov how many genders exist in his native Russia, and Khabib's answer did not disappoint. Using an example of a situation in which he had difficulty figuring out which restroom to use in an American coffee shop, he humorously highlighted the absurdity of the gender ideology that has gripped America.

“I grew up in very traditional place, very traditional family. I’m from big mountains, and we have only two genders,” he said.

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This is the only acceptable answer when discussing gender and human sexuality. Even though America believes wholeheartedly that you can change genders or invent a new one to accommodate your feelings, that does not mean it is true.

If any left-wing gender ideologists want to fight Khabib over this answer, they should do so. Though I suspect it would end rather poorly for them.

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