Former Walmart CEO: Gun Ban ‘Won’t Solve the Problem’ of Mass Shootings

Monica Sanchez | August 7, 2019

Former Walmart U.S. CEO Bill Simon in an appearance on Fox News Tuesday responded to reports of a potential strike on the company for its sales of firearms by saying that a gun ban simply “won’t solve the problem.”

Amid calls for gun control in the wake of mass shootings in El Paso, Tex., and Dayton, Ohio, the former President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart U.S. and Executive Vice-President of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., said that “just simply stopping the sales won't accomplish what everybody's after."

He told “Your World” host Neil Cavuto that while the events this past weekend were “horrifying,” "the answer is one that's going to have to be delivered by the country and by Congress.”

“Retailers simply stopping selling guns won't solve the problem," Simon said.

"By most accounts, there's about 200 million guns in civilian hands in this country and about 5 million AR-type weapons,” he added. “So simply just stopping the sale of them really won’t accomplish what everybody’s after."

Simon also noted that in Walmart’s defense, the company hasn’t sold the type of guns used in these mass shootings “in a long, long time.”

“So they’ve moved on … Their firearm selection is primarily rifles and shotguns used for sportsmen and hunting,” he said.

Check out a clip from the interview below.